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Lean Summer Dinner Meeting

Lean Enterprise Systems Program

Lean enterprise is the practice of creating more value for consumers while using fewer resources and eliminating waste. The concept of Lean has become a feasible solution for organizations to transform themselves and become more competitive.

The Lean Enterprise Systems Program is intended to allow students to work together to accrue the technical knowledge of Lean, through academic courses combined with the method of experiential learning. Students work in teams with companies around the region, where they learn to apply the right tools for the right processes while they develop a sustainable culture. It Introduces an engineering based framework (open to other disciplines) to implement process and system improvements within both the manufacturing and service enterprises. The focus promotes in students the ability to design complex processes and systems based on the physical systems and the associated information systems, with the appropriate approach through effective and efficient leadership.

Lean Summer Participants at the SunsphereThe program expands beyond technical knowledge, representing a cultural exercise for participants. It is through the development of their projects that participants develop their leadership skills, learn and share cultural perspectives on problem solving, and converges in the proper critical thinking approach for Lean implementations.

The program is intended for participants in different disciplines of engineering and business who are interested in the benefits of continuous improvement for their self-development and future career. This program is useful for participants that want to work at a company or start their own business related to manufacturing or services (with special focus in healthcare).

For 2017, we have established a particular partnership with the Institute of International Education (IIE) that has opened up the opportunity for participants of non-partner institutions into the program. Additionally, an extra introductory course in leadership has been added, that permits students that are not familiar with the subject matter to understand and embrace the principles that will support their leadership in conducting lean implementations and cultural change for continuous improvement.

For more information about lean, visit the Lean Enterprise Systems Program website.