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Industry Membership


Innovative Research Between the University and Corporate Partners

CASRE membership provides an opportunity to help plan and guide research that enhances benefits to their companies while avoiding the cost of in-house facilities and staff or consultant fees. It provides an opportunity to address the needs of industry members and help define research projects that are relevant and useful to member companies’ short-term and long-term needs. We have a history of working with members to develop new research ideas and seek new opportunities for this type of collaboration.

Establish New Business Partnerships with Diverse Industries

CASRE membership includes access to a group of diverse industries. Our membership includes companies in manufacturing, healthcare, government organizations, and distribution. The exchange of information generates opportunities for industry partners to more effectively utilize and apply tools and develop business connections. Make key contacts and stay informed about opportunities within your region or community while building professional alliances.

Participation in CASRE Membership Training

Membership conferences and corporate roundtables provide a framework for collaboration between industry partners and university resources. Partners may send up to seven participants to two weeks of training included in their membership, with topics chosen by the consensus of member representatives.

Workforce Development

Preferred member pricing for continuing education opportunities through customized training, workshops, seminars, short courses, and events that enhance workforce development and establish a mechanism for sharing resources among industry partners.

Access to Students as Potential Job Candidates

CASRE prepares students for their careers by involving them in current industry research projects that ensure they are knowledgeable about challenges and the immediate needs of industry partners. Through these projects, students get hands-on, real-world experience that prepares them for their future careers in industry.

Access Specialized Design and Performance Tools

Working with the academic community, industry partners are exposed to new research trends and novel experimental techniques that we can validate by providing industry partners with a wide array of resources and research instruments, including surveys, models, simulations, benchmarking, publications, presentations, and assessments. Access members-only discussion groups where you can seek practical answers and solutions from peers who have faced similar challenges.

Networking Opportunities

We strive to enhance and expand our resources and support systems so that we can better meet the needs of our member partners. Through research, education, outreach, and networking activities, we offer multiple ways for members to engage and build a strong pipeline of quality resources that provide them with tools, best practices, and reliable solutions that help their organization succeed.